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Atorvastatin 1a pharma 40 mg preis ostat 100 in-vitro vs. mg in-vitro; no differences between pre- and post-dose for all trials – Lipitor vs. Pradaxa: Study design – – Comparison of lipid-lowering agents with a non-drug agent – Pregnancy Adverse events/Safety for Pradaxa – Safety and tolerability – Risk of serious adverse events – Major adverse events not noted in any trial – The largest trial for Pradaxa – Conclusions/Conclusion for DPP-4 inhibitors – – Efficacy for patients with an underlying risk for CHD or high-risk CVD; benefit in reducing LDL and triglyceride levels – Safety Gabapentin cost nz and tolerability data for Pradaxa are not yet available for the current EMA approval – Pradaxa has significant safety concerns – Comparison of Lipitor as an agent – Adverse events Risks of Lipitor – Effect of treatment on CHD risk factors – Comparison of Lipitor with other lipid-lowering medications – Pregnancy and other drugs – Pradaxa has a very significant adverse effect profile associated with the use of Lipitor. This adverse effect profile includes weight gain, loss, a worsening of glucose tolerance, increased lipid deposition, altered liver function, hepatic fibrosis, impaired immunity, and insulin resistance. – Lipitor does not show these adverse events – Weight gain is most common with Lipitor treatment, but no adverse events have been reported with any other treatment modality for the of CHD – Lipitor-associated fat (BMI) gain in post-menopausal women – Hepatic (H)FIB is the most common cause of death with both Lipitor and DPP-4 inhibitors. – Lipitor-associated liver disease in people not taking Lipitor – Weight gain (in grams) with DPP-4 inhibitors – Lipitor has the same or higher lipid pooling effect in people not taking Lipitor than it does in people taking Lipitor. For most people, this is Metformin order online not significant. – Lipitor is not associated with an increase in liver fat – Chronic use of Lipitor is associated with weight gain and liver fat. – Adverse effects have been reported with Lipitor that exceed those of other lipid-.

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Atorvastatina American Generics
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Written on behalf of 501creative www.biasandtolerance.org/tour.php

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Reading Bias / Writing ToleranceBodoniTopics in Modernism

Tour Slide 1: Welcome!

It’s a metamorphosis! Students in this six-part program become engaged individuals, well-versed in the act of close-looking. As informed, active and inquisitive thinkers, program participants evolve into what we call ‘allies,’ those who through increased self-awareness are able to understand bias and practice tolerance in our society-at-large. As we increase the number of allies in our community, we increase our ability to make a difference in today’s world!

In this program tour, you will learn about our two lesson formats: lessons centered on museum artifacts and group-based, interactive lessons conducted by Anti-Defamation League facilitators. Each lesson format is taught both at the museum visit and in the school classroom.

Our students internalize these lessons through various methods of engagement: journal writing, picture making, poetry writing and more. Please move forward with the tour to learn more about our lessons and student activities!


Tour Slide 2: Artifacts as a Catalyst

Some might call it ‘analysis,’ but we prefer ‘close-looking.’ We’ve worked hard to develop a powerful library of artifacts for this program. In each artifact-based lesson students practice close-looking. As a group, or individually in their journals, students study an artifact and respond to questions: What do I see? What do I think I know? What have I learned?

Historical artifacts represent a powerful resource for close-looking. This program uses artifacts as a catalyst for increasing students’ self-awareness when encountering bias and discrimination. Students not only increase their literacy skills but also learn to interrupt stereotyping. This program illustrates by example the idea that one can much better understand the present by closely examining elements of the past.

We believe developing the skill of close-looking is a powerful tool in creating our program’s allies, informed individuals who can make a difference in our world.

Please examine our questioning first-hand by reviewing the artifact at left.

Tour Slide 3: To Facilitate Understanding

Anti-Defamation League Facilitators create a special dynamic in a room of middle school and high school students. ADL facilitators know how to make seemingly unrelated historical artifacts personally relevant to students’ lives today. Facilitators ask important questions and draw dialogue out of the students. Students develop a personal understanding and awareness. Students look closely at how bias and racism impacts their lives, and in turn, bring an increased awareness to their everyday world.

As a result, our graduates make a difference in our world’s struggle with bias. They bring an awareness of bias, an understanding of tolerance and overall, an increased sensitivity to the table.

Tour Slide 4: Ways of Engagement

“Record your thoughts in your journal!” This prompt is often heard during program lessons as students are encouraged to record observations, questions and feelings in their journals. Picture-making and poetry writing are two other methods of engagement that the students use to express ideas. By the end of the program, students have compiled a comprehensive set of thoughts, reflections, questions and comments that they can review.

The well-used journal is central to the success of the final project, a personal artifact
in the form of a book. Students select a role as a journalist, history detective, filmmaker, etc., through which they can write and reflect upon the totality of their experience in the program.

In addition to selecting a role for their voice, students select a theme for their message. Examples include, “Seeking Justice,” “This I Believe” and “A New Tomorrow for ___.” This project is an opportunity for the student to outline his or her power to make a difference in our world! It should reflect and encapsulate the totality of the program experience, but also help him or her look forward to a life full of informed close-looking and greater understanding!

Tour Slide 5: Making it Happen - A Call to Action

Are you a St. Louis teacher who is interested in involving your class? Are you from outside of St. Louis and are interested in bringing this program to your city? Contact us – we look forward to your involvement in the program!



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